125 lbs

Dimensions (inch)


  • Super quiet Mitsubishi inverter compressor and variable-speed ventilation system provides an extremely quiet swimming environment
  • Designed to operate at low ambient temperatures to extend the swimming season
  • Up to 10 times quieter vs. traditional heat pumps
  • In ground or above ground swimming pools
  • Includes a diverter valve


For more than 80 years, this American-born manufacturer has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of a swimming pool by manufacturing state-of-the-art, technologically advanced pool equipment around the world.

The high performance, energy-efficient Hayward Variable-Speed heat pump quietly and economically maintains your ideal water temperature at all times and has 50% higher energy savings than traditional heat pumps. When the Hayward Variable-Speed heat pump turns on it will start at zero and slowly increase to a higher speed, this leads to a stable current and lower energy consumption.

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