Elite 55 | Elite 65 | Elite 85 | Elite 100 | Elite 130

Length/Height and width (inches)

Above ground pools

15’ 18’ 21’ -> 36/29/34
21′ 24′ -> 36/29/34
24′ -> 36/29/34
27′ -> 36/36/34
N/A -> 36/36/34

ground pools

10’ X 20’ | 12′ X 20′ | 12’ X 24’ -> 36/29/34
14’ X 28’ | 12’ X 24’ -> 36/29/34
14’ X 28’ | 15’ X 30’ | 16′ X 32′ -> 36/29/34
18’ X 36’ | 16’ X 30’ | 16′ X 32′ -> 36/36/34
18’ X 36’ | 20’ X 40’ -> 36/36/34


BTU/H Capacity

55 000,  65 000, 85 000, 100 000, 130 000

Calibrated injection performance flow water
State of the art technology

Modern technologies now use calibrated injection systems. Each model The performance is maximized because of the millimetric precision with all the other components. Conventional systems still use fragile valves with moving parts that are not calibrated to work at low temperatures. The calibrated flow rater is not affected by varying temperatures.

Energy saver

The compressors used by Turcotte are of Japanese technology. These compressors, rotary and scroll, are very silent and do not require compressor blankets in order to reduce noise and vibration.

Counter flow heat transfer

All the pool heat pumps are equipped with unique patented features that increase the efficiency and reduce the electrical consumption, and this, even at low outdoor temperatures due to the calibrated injection system.

Fan motor

The counter-flow of gas to water provides complete heat transfer and therefore increases the COP of the heat pump. All heat molecules from the sun and the ambient air are captured and renewed in all the water basin. The water circulating in the exchanger is located a few millimeters from the titanium condenser throughout the heat exchange process. The reverse path of the coolant gas and water is optimized.

Filtration volume VOLUME (10GPM-80GPM)

This unique component has been designed by our engineering team. To pass the CCC requirements, we needed to drastically reduce the internal temperature of this component to increase its longevity. We designed anew internal calibrated module with reduced amperage. These measures contributed in significantly reducing the electrical consumption and therefore increasing the overall COP of the heat pump. A fan motor equipped with CCC features does not overheat or burn and does not waste electricity.

Closed injection molded casing

Today’s aquatic installation facilities require the usage of variable-speed or two-speed pumps. Our heat pumps are designed to operate at low rate with these modern circulation pumps, allowing you to save electricity.

Other information

The closed housing of the unique design of the ELITE heat pump will extend the swimming season in silence. This model delivers increased performance at low temperatures with the symbiosis of components such as its high-tech compressor and calibrated injector. The advanced technology of the device enables low power consumption and high power in a wide variety of outdoor temperature.


Elite 55
Elite 65
Elite 85
Elite 100
Elite 130

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