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To enjoy your pool comfortably, take into account these criteria for choosing your location.

A pool should be positioned on a flat, stable and non-wet ground. Always start by having a soil study done by a specialized company and ask for the advice of your Pool Master to make the right choice of location and avoid any surprises!

If your ground is sloped, the installation costs will be higher, as you will need to level the area, install drainage to prevent water from running into the pool, stabilize and reinforce the foundations and fill in part of the ground. In all cases, avoid placing the pool at the bottom of the slope, as it will receive the flowing water and all the vegetal waste from the ground directly.

The nature of the soil must be taken into account to properly install your pool. In fact, poor soil quality leads to additional costs and may even weaken the pool.

Filled Soil
Even though the fill is said to be stable, it takes at least a decade to be stable enough. Have a soil study done to verify that its stability can support a pool and that the nature of its components is adequate. It is often advised to rely on the natural soil for the foundations of a pool.

Limestone Soil
Limestone soil is perfect for installing a pool. Stable, compact and dry, it does not require complex reinforcement or drainage devices.

Sandy Soil
A soil consisting of sand is unstable. It swells with rain and dries out with the sun. To install a pool, you will need to plan for work to reinforce the foundations, drain the waters and control the humidity.

Clay Soil
Clay soil is always moving, as it swells in the presence of water and dries out in heat. If you wish to install a pool on clay soil, plan for a sufficient drainage system, a reinforcement of the foundations, good fill and a decompression well to reduce and control the humidity.

Rocky Soil
If you want to install a pool on rocky soil, you will need to call a landscaper equipped with adapted machines, including a rock breaker. Your work will be long and costly.

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