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To enjoy your pool comfortably, take into account these criteria for choosing your location.

It is recommended to place your pool in a sunny spot in your yard, ideally between 10am and 6pm. Place your pool facing south for better sun exposure and do not hesitate to move it a bit to avoid obstacles that can cast shadows such as other buildings, tall trees, etc. The sun naturally warms your pool, which allows you to save on heating costs and you are less likely to get cold while swimming.

Install your pool in a wind-protected area. In addition to cooling you down while swimming and being unpleasant when you get out of the water, wind lowers the water temperature and tends to bring in vegetation waste into the pool.

Access and surveillance
Installing your pool near your home is interesting if you want to enjoy convenient and quick access and you can more easily monitor your children while swimming.

However, keeping your pool away from your home can present some advantages. You can, among other things, avoid being too close to the swimming agitation, noise, and water splashing.

Connection to the house
When choosing the location of your pool, take into account the different connections that supply your home, such as the electricity network, water, wastewater evacuation, sanitation, etc.

To preserve your privacy while swimming, opt for a location that is out of sight from your neighborhood and the street. However, pool activities are rarely quiet, so keep in mind that you are exposing your neighbors to shouting, noise, and splashes, so if possible, avoid placing yourself on the edge of your neighbor’s property.

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